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Jacqueline van de Geer
Patrick Charbonneau

Lieu d’exposition
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“Dutch-born, Jacqueline van de Geer moved to Montreal in August 2005. Since receiving her immigration status in Canada, she has developed performances and interactive installations that touch the heart of the spectators and where they are invited to participate. The aim is to transform the distance between the artist and the viewer into an encounter where it becomes almost dissipated.
The keywords of her artistic experimentation are intimacy and reconnection. Her practice aims to open up the collective experience of the participants. Some of the inspirations for her creative work are everyday life, the Dada movement, surrealism and personal memories.”

Approach and works on display

You are my disco!

You are my disco! is an interactive performance that invites the audience to dance together in a festive and spontaneous way in an unusual context. 
Behind her turntable, Jacqueline van de Geer takes control of the evening and transports the participants back in time, alternating disco hits and slow music on 45 and 33 rpm. The audience is carried away by the music and the voice of the artist, who recomposes the story of her youth in the background of the performance. Jacqueline van de Geer offers the chance to reconnect with a previous era, as well as with other people in the space, in a celebration of life!”


Works by the artist