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Magali Babin
courtesy of the artist

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Magali Babin is a sound and interdisciplinary artist whose research deals with sound perception and auditory memory in relation to living spaces. Through encounters, she approaches listening as a tool for attention, gathering and opening up to otherness. Between the acoustics of natural landscapes, social contexts and sound reminiscence, the artist draws her materials and creates atmospheres, installations or listening experiences. In her recent projects, Magali Babin is interested in public sound spaces and collective listening. Her work has been presented in the form of concerts and performances at international festivals in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe, as well as sound installations at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (Triennale Québécoise, Montreal, 2011), La Fabrique (France, 2013) and Mois Multi (Quebec, 2018). She is currently pursuing her research as part of a PhD in Art Studies and Practices at UQAM. 

Approach and works on display

You can feel it all over (2023)

“What does celebrating mean to you? What is your favourite festivity? Can you tell me the title of your favourite party song? Based on a few simple and friendly questions asked to the workers of the underground city, the artist will create a new sound work. The project is particularly aimed at the staff, often invisible, but essential to the functioning of the underground network covering 12 km2, in particular the people in charge of maintenance, security and deliveries. It will meet them in the various places where they work and pass through, for example, service staircases, lifts, loading bays, indoor car parks, etc. It is with the compilation of all these conversations and the dancing sounds evoked by the participants that the artist will create an original sound work. Through an improbable music composed of festive rhythms and workers’ voices, You can feel it all over will make the acoustics of its broadcasting space vibrate in resonance and reminiscence.

Listen to the artist’s artwork :
You can feel it all over

The artist wishes to thank the participants:
Jean : Le Cinéma (Sheila) – Gyslaine : You’re The One That I Want (John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John) – Mathieu : Ritual (Alan Walker) – Patrick : Marine marchande (Les Cowboys Fringants) – Dave : Tourniquet (Marilyn Manson) – Elsa : Gasolina (Daddy Yankee) – Enrique : Cumbia Cienaguera (Aniceto Molina) – David : Let’s go dancing (Kool & the Gang) – Tarek : Bint El Shalabiya (Fairuz) – Marianna : My Hero (Foo Fighters) – Fazil : L’alcool c’est de l’eau (Camro) – Zachary : Many Men (50 Cent) – Marcel : The Carpet Crawlers (Genesis) – Julio : Oda mi vida Tango (Aníbal Troilo & Francisco Fiorentino) – Hélène : All I Want for Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey) – Christel : Jerusalema (Master KG) – Amell : Baila Me (Gipsy Kings) – Paola : Papa Mobimba (Koffi Olomide) – Jeff : Minor Swing (Stephane Grappelli Quintet) – Mike : I
Love to love
(Donna Summer) – Daphnée : Party With A Jagaban (Midas The Jagaban) – Ugo : Ye (Burna Boy)


Works by the artist