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[Ended exhibition]
Marie-Christine Le Vey and Pastiche love
elle/she/her and il/iel/they/them
Guillaume Pelland

Lieu d’exposition
/ Exhibition place



Marie-Christine Le Vey is a multidisciplinary artist with roots in Rawdon and Montreal. Observation of nature, experimentation with various techniques, and a particular attention to colour are at the heart of her practice. She has a figurative approach, sometimes self-fictive, and is interested in creating language through the use of symbols. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Design and 3D animation, she worked as a motion designer in a studio, then decided to dedicate herself more to her artistic projects. She returned to figurative painting and held her first solo exhibition in April 2022 with the support of the Fond culture et patrimoine. She continues her video practice by mixing 2D and 3D animation, illustration and archive videos. The juxtaposition of traditional mediums and digital techniques helps her in her desire to create embodied, sincere and accessible works. In September 2022, she created her first mapping experience with Julien Lassignardie as part of Minute_Mapp, Mapp_Montréal’s 60 second mapping festival.

After studying classical music and obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in visual and media arts at UQAM, Guillaume Plourde practices textile art and plays electronic and experimental music. He composes the soundtrack for video games in collaboration with visual artist Andrée-Anne Mercier and works in the world of stage costumes. With his instrumental music project pastiche love, he formulates his research into textures and atmospheres in pieces that are sometimes melodic, structured or offbeat. Recorded sounds are tampered with, subjected to various modification and filtration processes to bring them to the border of the electronic and the organic. Tinged with craft techniques such as embroidery and patchwork, his work focuses on the creation of sound environments that suggest immersion. His first mini-album marche heureuse was released in spring 2022.”

Approach and works on display

Goldslaw (2022)

Goldslaw is a phantasmagorical, visual and sound experiment. On a pictorial level, it is a rhythmic encounter between archival videos and 2D and 3D animation. Colourful and unexpected, the work creates a semantics of form, a language of pattern and repetition. The piece oscillates between chaos and harmony, amusement and excess. It is a dance of textures between imaginary characters and melodic phrases, in a universe that navigates between the abstract and the figurative. The underwater themes of microcosm and mutations are exploited. It is a festival of possibilities, a celebration of alteration.


Works by the artist