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David Champagne
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Originally from the Cantons-de-l’Est of Quebec, David Champagne holds a degree in photography from the Cégep de Matane. He works mainly in the field of documentary photography. Passionate about human beings, photography allows him to draw a social portrait of our time. He also cultivates a growing interest in photomontage, a medium that allows him to transform his photos to create paintings that are sometimes strange or humorous, sometimes critical and denunciatory. Over the years, he has collaborated with numerous NGOs, and his work is supported by the New Brunswick and Canada Council for the Arts. A member of the Hors d’État photo collective, he lives in the Acadian Peninsula, New Brunswick. He is currently working on an artist’s book project.

Approach and works on display

Gros fun sale (2012-2018)

The advent of the internet and smartphones has seen an exponential increase in the possibilities for entertainment. The means of entertainment have never been so accessible. Every spare moment, no matter how short, can easily be filled in a recreational way. Direct broadcasting movies and television, online video games, social networks, etc. Even waiting, that time that was once marked by boredom, can now be fun.
Gros fun sale is a photographic series that points the finger at boredom in order to give it back some dignity. In the form of a documentary, this project explores the failure of the quest for pleasure. In a society where entertainment and the notion of celebration are omnipresent, David Champagne has decided to focus his lens on situations that inspire boredom. His intention is to capture those small moments in life when we are deeply bored, in the midst of an environment tinged with pleasure.


Works by the artist