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Shirley Stolze
Dal Nunes

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photography | sound


Shirley Stolze was born in 1959 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Her work stands out in the Brazilian photographic scene as an eloquent and emotional poetic and authorial production, as well as a production of striking images in the photojournalism field. Having worked for major newspapers in Salvador, she was able to record emblematic and historical moments of life and customs in the state of Bahia. Her work reveals an investigation with diverse themes, highlighting the series where children are the protagonists of a city that is sometimes paradisiacal, sometimes unjust and unequal. Her interest in humanistic and cultural issues leads her to sensitive approaches to political and social conflicts. Her subtle and precise gaze produces highly significant images, constituting a relevant visual collection of the daily life of her community.

Approach and works on display

Chegança – Marujada em Saubara, Bahia, Brasil (2018-2019)

A Chegança dos Marujos is a very important festival with an insurrectional character, rich in colourful choreography and unique musicality. The festival takes place every year in the small town of Saubara and celebrates the independence of Bahia. A Chegança dos Marujaos is considered a “dramatic dance”. It tells the story of a Brazilian navy that participates in the Bahia War of Independence in 1822, protecting the Bay of All Saints from Portuguese partisans. During the performance, the events and battles that took place on board the ships are narrated. The story is told in songs accompanied by a tambourine band. Her repertoire includes more than fifty songs in eight different rhythms.


Works by the artist