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Ieda Oliveira
courtesy of the artist

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installation | video


Ieda Oliveira is a visual artist, teacher and researcher. Born in Santo Antônio de Jesus, she lives and works in Salvador, Bahia. She holds a doctorate, a master’s degree and a diploma in visual arts from the Federal University of Bahia, the Escola de Bela Artes. Oliveira has an extensive experience in the field of visual arts and has several awards to her credit. As an artist, she has participated in important national and international art events, such as the 26th Bienal Internacional de São Paulo, the III Bienal do Mercosul and the II Trienal de Luanda. She has completed an artistic residency at the Kunstlerhaus, Hamburg and the Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan. She has held international solo exhibitions in Berlin, Munich and Siegburg, in Rio de Janeiro, and at SOSO, Galeria de Arte Contemporânea, São Paulo.

Approach and works on display

Raid das moças : a sorte é cega (2015)
The video Raid das moças: a sorte é cega  (La poétique de la marche: la chance est aveugle) is the trace of a series of performances made by the artist Ieda Oliveira, in 2015. The purpose was to bring art and entertainment to gathering places such as fairs or public squares in the city of Salvador. The artist recreates a large-scale card for the “Raid das Moças” raffle, a popular game in which passers-by participate free of charge for a chance to win basic necessities donated by the artist. The raffles represented important moments of festivities and celebrations in the artist’s childhood, lived in the Recôncavo da Bahia. This ritual, present in popular culture, transmitted from generation to generation and linked to a survival effort, is however a manifestation of life, celebration and play.


Works by the artist